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Belle Trailers has extensive knowledge and experience in the innovative design of all types of car transporters.

We can construct new transporters onto used chassis or new transporters with new chassis. We have also undertaken the design and build of entirely bespoke car transporters for our clients. We have a design and build team with extensive knowledge and experience in the delivery of design drawings, materials and construction methods for new build car transporters. Please visit our Transporters page for further information.

Salvage: Belle Trailers has undertaken the design and build of salvage equipment providing a flexible solution for salvage operations, with low operating and maintenance costs. This equipment is specifically designed for the nature of the vehicles the transporter is required to carry.

Auction House: Belle Trailers understands the importance of clients vehicles arriving in the best condition so that they can be auctioned. Our auction house transporters are designed and modified with this in mind.

Recovery: Belle Trailers understands that on occasion transporters do breakdown, therefore we provide a quick and effective 24 hour breakdown/repair service.

For new build, body swaps and repairs enquiries please contact our office on: Tel: 01371 876111 Fax: 01371 875779 Email: